AntiAging Creams A New Solution To An Age Old Problem

One of the ugly setbacks of pushing through the years has been the skin aging. Whoever wants to suffer looking at those ugly wrinkles appear one by one as the process of aging occurs? People come across with free radicals every day, in the foods eaten, in drinks, drugs taken in, even in the air; indeed, it turns out to be more and more evident as each day passes that aging is beginning to occur in people as early as in their twenties. 1. Benefits Of Anti Aging Cream Who does not want flawless, smooth skin which is free of wrinkles? Unfortunately, age is not the only factor which kills that desired youthful look. Smoking restricts the flow of blood through the veins beneath the skin.

Not only that, smoking also produces large doses of free radials. Acidosis, a condition charatercterized by excess acid in body fluids, is another cause for the skin cells to undergo oxidation. Excessive sun exposure proved to cause the most damage to the skin due to free radicals. Effects of environmental pollutants, food preservatives and chemicals also contribute to the skin aging process. three more factors which aggravate skin aging are: 2.

Functions - Capability to restore moisture - Thickness of the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin - Abundance of elastic fibers found inside the layers deep beneath the skin 3. Plethora Of Products Once more, the search for the fountain of youth has begun; but lucky for people today, the fountain has found its home in the paharmacy. Many anti-aging products are available in the market today but one of the most popular is the anti-aging cream.

There are so many brands of anti-aging creams in stores everywhere but how does one know what to buy? For the consumer to know, it would be sensible to check out what it contains. 4. What To Look For: Vitamin A Also known as retinol, vitamin A is the original antioxidant to be used in cocsmetics.There is now an abundance of scientific evidence available to prove the rewards of using vitamin A topically in alleviating skin damage caused by aging and sun exposure. There are also available forms of synthetic vitamin A , also known as retinoids, which proves to be most effective when topically applied.

The capacity of retinol compounds to remedy wrinkles and fine lines, clear out pigmentation and alleviate the damage on the skin brought about by sun exposure make vitamin A an efficient bench mark in evaluating the efficacy of new ingredients which are yet to come. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) ALA is an anti-oxidant which is believed to possess potent effects. What makes it unique is simply because of its ability to dissolve both in lipids and water. ALA is capable of penetrating skin cells via the lipid-containing cell membrane and does not lose its efficacy inside the cell since it is very soluble in water.

ALA is also observed to have a defensive effect on vitamin E and vitamin C, this then boosts these two potent anti-oxidants inside the cell. Because of these properties, ALA is being considered as an exceptional anti-oxidant and is found in many skin care products avaliable in the market. Copper Peptides These substances were first recognized for their capacity to improve the healing process of wounds. Copper peptides are known to be essential in elastin and copper synthesis which compose the structural support of the dermis, the layer of the skin just below the epidermis.

Since the elastin and collagen production is diminished in skin aging and exposure to ultraviolet rays, copper peptides show potential to be able aid remedy skin damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun. Accordingly, many products in the market for the past few years actually contain copper peptides. One remarkable advantage of copper is that it does not irritate the skin and is sold at a relatively cheaper price than other anti-oxidant creams. For this basis, copper peptide creams an be an excellent option for people who are looking for anti-aging medications but are quite reluctant about spending much. CoEnzyme Q10 With its introduction to the market, it has grown to become a popular Anti-Aging content for skin care products.

Coenzyme Q10 is naturally synthesized in the skin and acts as its natural defense against aging. When people start aging, the levels of coenzyme Q10 in the skin starts to diminish and the skin loses the potency in rejuvinating its firmness and elasticity. Coenzyme Q10 improves the skin's natural ability to decrease the effects of aging, making skin smoother, firmer, and well-toned.

Not only that, coenzyme Q10 affects the skin such that it constantly renews itself after application. 5. Graceful Aging Although a lofty ambition, and what great news it is that the latest advances in dermatology make that aim even more within-reach than ever. Whichever brand of anti-aging cream you decide to buy, it is important to keep in mind the years it took for the skin to come up to its present state.

Eventhough it takes a relatively shorter time for the skin to improve in appearance and quality, it is imporatant to be prudent in using thewse products. Be sure that directions are read, correctly understood and used faithfully according to these instructions. it is also important that a dermatologist is consulted always when in search for answers regarding a problem spot.

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