Are You Bold Enough To Wear This

Graffiti, it's everywhere, the alleyways, the subways and especially the common public bathroom. For as long as people have sat there, they have written or drawn on the walls. 'For a good time call'?, 'Here I sit taking a?', etc, etc. We've all read them, laughed at them and even passed some on by word of mouth. In essence, most people have read the stuff written in the bathroom stall, but how many of those same people would dare to wear a t-shirt with the same writing on it? What you wear reveals you.

Whether it's a 3-piece suit or a t-shirt and jeans. More so what's printed on the t-shirt can reveal some of your inner thoughts. A shirt displaying a sports slogan can have people think that your thoughts revolve around sports or health. So would a shirt with a quote of "Know any Sluts?" make people think that your thoughts revolve around cheap dates? Possibly or perhaps they might just think your pretty daring for having such an item in your clothing collection.

While some might not be able to see a 60 year old lady wearing a 'Here I sit?' shirt, in this day and age I can and of course it would be funny. In today's world, the lines of the generations have been blurred. What once wasn't cool for older people to wear has now become ok and vise versa with the younger generations. Age doesn't matter anymore, only the willingness or daringness rather to express yourself with your clothes.

Making a personal statement that everyone around can see or hear can be a little terrifying from the attention it brings. However, those who have made a statement almost always triumphed over the odds. Just look at some of the famous artists who skewed from the general norm of their day, Picasso and Van Gogh for example. These artists decided to daringly express themselves with their own vision. Something like when you sit in the bathroom stall. You can sit there like most people or you can write something.

As you write your words or draw your picture, you become the poet or Van Gogh of today. Though usually done anonymously you are still expressing yourself where others will see it, read it and now wear it. I've seen quotes based on lost love, world peace and even someone's bicycle. Mostly it depends on the location of the bathroom. Women's washroom however, tend to have a little more of the wordy wisdom but who can resist a good fart joke straight from the guys can.

Though the idea of bringing the bathroom graffiti onto your shirt and into the light for public review is new, it is something that I'm sure will be embraced. So every time you sit in the stall just look up and read a writing or two and think would I wear that?.

Ethan Edwards is the owner / manager of Bathroom Art Fashions and a seasoned bathroom goer. His online store is located at http://www.bathroomartfashions.com. Visit to shop or just laugh.

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