Its Not Just Bad Food Causes of Acne

The perceived causes of acne are plenty, and most of them are old wives' tales. Everyone who enters into the teenage years, and experiences that first pimple, would always be advised not to eat greasy food or chocolate until it clears up. You hastily agree, and go without your favorites treats hoping that darn zit goes away.

Researches have come up with a few reasons as to why teenagers get acne, and why some adults get acne way into their twenties or even thirties: Hormones One of the first speculated reasons for the cause of acne is Hormone fluctuation, which is especially prevalent in the teenage years, and the changing body. The changes in the body's chemistry can cause the pores in the skin to collapse on themselves, thus clogging the oil from escaping the skin. In adults, an excess of the male hormone androgen may cause clogging hair follicles, thus causing a breakout in pimples. Diet Most researchers deem that the common belief that poor diet is linked to acne is false.

Eating foods such as chocolate, pizza, or burgers will not exacerbate your acne problem. However, most doctors will suggest that keeping a somewhat healthy diet rich in Vitamin D ( with foods such as milk and cheese) will help keep your skin healthy. Stress One major factor of acne is the amount of stress in your daily life. When you are under mental anxiety, the change in brain chemistry can trigger an imbalance in your hormones, thus causing breakouts.

Treatments The mainstream treatment for acne is generally benzoyl peroxide, and this is found in products such as Clearasil and Oxypads. These products can be purchased at any retail store. Other stronger products such as Pro Activ can be purchased online, or through the mail. This product has been proven to have amazing results, and costs around $20.

00 a month. Three steps are used with Pro Active; the cleanser, toner, and lotion. The cleanser and toner are used to clean the pores of any dirt or bacteria, and the lotion is used to rejuvenate the skin afterwards.

In the end, there is no specific cause of acne. But it is largely dependant upon hormone levels, stress, and your own biological makeup. The best way to deal with acne in your teenage years or even in your adult years, is to use a method of treatment that is right for you. Consider products such as Pro Activ for acne that is severe.

But whatever method you choose, do not pick at your pimples, it will only leave scars. That is one old wives' tale that is actually true.

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