Oil of Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion Peel System

This system was designed to be a user friendly system which provides quick and effective results. The most important benefits of this product are that it is considered one of the most affordable and efficient products in its class, the cream and serum come in a pump bottle form allowing the consumer to use small amounts at one time and last but not least, after 1-2 sessions of treatment, it ensures that the skin is very smooth and shiny. The differentiating factor that the Oil of Olay system has over the other microdermabrasion systems is that it has an Amino-Peptide complex which has been shown to catalyse the natural skin surface cell turnover. That is, it boosts the process by which skin cells proliferate; hence this replaces the dead cells lost during the exfoliating phase of the procedure.

The Amino-Peptide Complex consists of Vitamin B3, pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, allantoin, green tea extract and a modified pentapeptide (palmitoyl pentapeptide-3) which has been clinically proven to stimulate collagen and elastin formation (which helps to make the skin look younger and smoother). The Oil of Olay microdermabrasion system comes with cream and Derma-crystals which are used for the exfoliating phase of the process. The second product is the Amino-Peptide Complex serum called the Peel Activator System which is combined with moisturising ingredients, helping the skin to be smoother. Using this system cannot be easier. There are mainly two steps that must be followed.

Firstly, the microdermabrasion cream and Derma-crystals are applied with to the face (or target areas). The face is then gently massaged for 45 seconds to a minute; this ensures that exfoliation of the stratum corneum is happening at maximal benefit to the customer. Secondly, the Peel Activator Serum is applied, using the fingertips, over the cream-Derma-crystal mask. As this is being performed, a foamy layer will begin to appear (this is happening because the Derma-crystals are dissolving).

The serum is gently massaged into the face for 1 minute. After 1 minute the face should be rinsed using warm water and a washcloth. Ideally the system should be used once to twice a week. Results are usually seen within the first two weeks and customers are usually very happy with the results.

One thing to be aware of is that this product should be used on sensitive, irritable skin as it further increase skin irritation. If you feel that your skin is getting worse when using this system (this is extremely rare), please stop using it and consult your local doctor. In general, consumers are very happy with the results that are achievable with this system.

The system is affordable but yet efficient. One drawback of the system is that it may not cater for oily skin; the Peel Activator serum may be too greasy for some consumers.

Asanka Samaranayake (BSc Hons Neuroscience) and Darren Patten (Bsc Hons Surgery & Anaesthesia)have a specialist interest in microdermabrasion and provide you with an indispensable resource at Microdermabrasion Info. Net

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